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Version History

Updated for IJF 2018 Rules

The Judo Tournament Manager and Score Board have been updated for the 2018 IJF Rules.

Judo Tournament Manager

The Judo Tournament Manager is free to use, but please consider donating via PayPal by clicking the Donate button above.

Judo Tournament Manager is actually two programs in one install package.

Multilingual Support

The interface for the programs has been translated into the following languages: These were all done by volunteers translating a text file with all the labels and then reimporting that file back into the program.

Unknown Publisher Warning

When you install the program, Windows will give you a popup asking if you want to allow this "unknown publisher" to make modifications to your computer. As a hobbist, I can't afford the couple hundred dollars a year to buy a code signing certificate to prove that I'm me to make that warning go away. If I get more donations, I may look into it again in the future.


If you have any problems, shoot me an email by clicking the email button at the top of the page. If you would like enhancements, I'm usually happy to make them but keep in mind that this is a hobby and I only work on it on the weekends. Also, please consider throwing me a donation via PayPal by clicking the Donate button at the top of the page.