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Translation Project

The Judo Tournament Manager and Timer is currently translated into several languages. These translations were made by volunteers some time ago, and as the program grows, new text gets added which is not yet translated.

Thse translations are built into the install package and often require more than just translating the text. Sometimes the user interface has to be adjusted to make room for text that's longer in one language than another.

If you would like to help with translations, there are two things you can do. If the language you want isn't already listed below, you can grab the English translation file. This is a CSV file that can be loaded into Excel. Once loaded, you'll see that there are four columns:

Type the translations into the 3rd column and email the file back to me. Be sure to indicate what language it's for. I will rebuild the install package with the new translation.

If the language you want is already supported, there may still be text that has been added since the last time there was a translation. In that case, you can download the Missing Text file below. This is the same as the All Text file but only includes text that has no translation.

An alternate way of doing the full translation is to download this file. This is all the text in the program as an HTML file. This can be translated through Google Translate as a starting point. Google isn't very accurate though, so you'll want to double-check everything. After translating this file, you can email it to me the same as the CSV files.