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Translators Needed

Since the judo scoreboard program is getting used in more and more countries, I thought it might be time to start offering it in other languages. Unfortunately, I only speak English, so I'm not really qualified to do the translations, which means that I'll need some help. If you'd like the user interface in your own language, click here to learn how you can help.

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Judo Scoreboard

Judo Scoreboard and Timer

Judo Timer is scoreboard and timer program for judo tournaments. It's easy to operate and supports a second monitor to show the score to the spectators. Judo Timer can also be networked to another computer running the Judo Tournament Manager which helps you organize your tournament. It has layouts and scoring rules for both traditional and Freestyle Judo.


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Judo Tournament Manager

Judo Tournament Manager helps you organize your judo tournament. You can use it to register your competitors as they weigh in and then setup divisions and brackets. Once the tournament starts, you can use it keep track of scores and determine winners.

You can also network the Judo Tournament Manager to the Judo Scoreboard program. The scoreboard will then contact the manager to get the names of the competitors to show on the scoreboard. And when a match is over, the scoreboard will report the score back to the manager.

An optional second monitor display can be used to show upcoming matches, brackets and tournament results.

Judo Tournament Bracket Judo Tournament Manager supports several types of brackets

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Jiu-Jitsu Scoreboard

The Judo Scoreboard actually handles Jiu-Jitsu too. You just go to the preferences and select Jiu-jitus rules and layout. I just created a new section on the page so I'd have a place to show a screen shot.

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